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Methanol Cracking H2 Generator


Via making pump mixing the methanol and water at a specific ratio, and the mixture pump through a heat exchanger to be heated up, then flow through a gasifier, and further heating till temperature of 220℃ -- 280 ℃ before flowing through a reactor, under the influence of catalytic after the following reaction take place:
Decomposition reaction: CH3OH→CO + 2H2–90.7 kj/mol1
Decomposition reaction: CO + H2O→CO2 + H2+ 41.2 kj/mol2
Final result: CH3OH + H2O→CO2 + 3H2–49.5 kj/mol
The hot gases produced after the reactor first flow through the heat exchanger to heat up themethanol/water mixture, then cool down through a cooler. The final product is 74%H2,24.5% CO2,0.5% CO, very minimum content of CH4, higher purity H2 can be improved through PSA system.



Technical Index

● Methanol:0.55~0.63 kg/m3 H2

● Water:0.3~0.4 kg/Nm3 H2

● Power:≤0.1 kW/m3/hr

● Purity:≥99.9~99.9995%(V/V)

● Dew Point:≤-60℃

● Capacity:20~10000Nm3 H2/hr


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